The Soil Factory in Nature Journal

Durante el verano de la pandemia un espacio muy espacial surgió en Ithaca, NY, con los primeros experimentos de arte que me dieron la oportunidad de hacer la pieza del Un río de todas las épocas, ademas de aprender y pensar en economías circulares y otras ramificaciones entre arte y ciencia.

Undisciplinary / Indisciplina en lugar de interdisciplinar

On the first pandemic summer a very special place started in Ithaca, bridging art and science and giving me the chance to work on the video installation a River of All Ages in a big wear house setting. Undiscipline is the setting where scientists, community and artists come together looking for other ways of thinking and making

Installation in the works while other workshops take place and cars are still in the wear-house

View of the outside of the now Soil Factory which has seen quiet a few activities and transformations by now.

Published by multifungi / Paulina Velázquez Solís

Visual artist from Costa Rica/Mexico, living in Ithaca, New York. Working in the border of handmade and digital media. Bringing the organic/bodily world into the realm of strange

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