Natural Order

Natural Order 

Solo exhibition at Rhizome DC

Opening: April 23rd, 2017 | 17:00 hrs

Open April 23- May 30  2017

Rhizome DC, 6950 Maple St NW, Tacoma Park, Washington, DC


Natural Order is the first solo exhibition by Costa Rican / Mexican artist Paulina Velázquez Solís in Washington DC.The showis a view on what comes to be, arranges itself and finds new ways to connect and communicate. This exhibition is the result of taking notes and cues from personal experiences and ongoing curiosity into the biological world – which converge into variations, working with different media such as drawings, sound installation and sculpture.

Some artworks arose from collecting experiences of the human-mammal-body, particularly in the changes that take place during pregnancy, postpartum and the reproductive process in general.  In other works, routine and the pass of time are represented through time-shaped soap and the diary like recording of fingerprints that fail to be consistent.

Shifting the view into a microscopic perspective, a sound installation made in collaboration with sound artist Travis Johns, creates a habitable net of cell-like units that responde to their environment in a sonic inspired synapsis.


Solo show at Rhizome DC, Washington, DC.  with special collaboration on sound installation with Travis Johns. On view from April 23rd- May 28th 2017.

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MetaBionic = Raro explored

Photo by Thomas Pontailler courtesy of Mediate

As I return to Costa Rica it seems appropiate to revisit RARO in San Francisco and other works (Escuchame Potato will come next) but so far I got amazing pics from the performance, where within the Humanities theme humans really got into exploring our creatures, making it a very diferent experience. Thanks for all the ones that came out that night and later on to see the installation!

Thanks to The Lab and Mediate / Soundwave Biennale for having us!