Orden Orgánico

Orden organico_2

 Neighbours Gallery. 

115 1/2 Frankling St, Ithaca, NY

August 10-26, 2018. Opening reception, August 10, 6-8 pm. 

Orden Orgánico documents the ongoing collaboration between Paulina Velázquez and Travis Johns, exploring humanity’s relationship with nature, mutation, industrialization and cybernetics by way of sculpture, sound, performance and interactivity. 

Consisting of three pieces, the namesake of this show, Orden Orgánico, a large-format, interactive sound installation that invokes the miscroscopic to create a habitable net of cell-like sculptures that respond to their environment and the public in a sonic inspired synapsis. Even more specifically, two analog, electronic “brains” have been designed to process the perception of the other 12 light sensitive nodes, resulting in an instrument that invokes neurons, spider webs and other seemingly entropic phenomena wherein if you concentrate hard enough, and look at it in the right way, somehow, in some way, patterns begin to emerge. 

Accompanying this piece there are two individual pieces by Johns and Velázquez, including digital printing via custom electronics and slow-scan radio imaging software, as well as a series of drawings based on electron microscope images collected from the Centro de Investigación en Estructuras Miscroscópicas at the University of Costa Rica

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